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Final Fantasy AMV - From the inside out

From: AkikoLeonhartAdded: August 12, 2007

" Seriously...I know what death is like, Ladies and Ge...
Seriously...I know what death is like, Ladies and Gents, so I feel for you when you say you've lost a loved one. My uncle, Both grandparents, My Nana, My dog, My old cat, and Someone I loved all might be together in the big house in the sky by now. This is mainly for those who have lost someone they loved...My prayers are with you. I know it's kind of sucky..but for a good cause.The main reason why this was made was because of the lost loved ones, and because I believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross, and rose three days later. When someone normal comes by and does that, then you may speak to me about religion. "

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Guerra espiritual (comic audiovisual)

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A Skyland music video (dare you to move)

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Entrevista a Jhon Foreman (switchfoot)

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